The Jury

Bit1 Game Awards will be judged by a jury of accomplished professionals.


Kalle Kaivola

Sisu Game Ventures / Partner

Kalle Kaivola is a partner at Sisu Game Ventures. He has studied computer science, worked in multiple media positions covering the game industry and eventually started in a game production position in his first development role.

What are you expecting from Bit1 teams?
I’m looking at teams who have passion and drive and have found ways to channel that into something productive. I’m expecting to see traditional rules being broken and good reasoning why they are being broken. Most of all I’m expecting to see people who love the fun of games and want to be part of the cycle of creating them.


Mariina Hallikainen

Colossal Order Oy / CEO

Mariina Hallikainen is the CEO of Colossal Order Oy with a decade of experience from the field.

What are you expecting from Bit1 teams?
I’m hoping to see a clear vision, understanding of the target audience and fun, polished games from the Bit1 teams.



Juha Huhtakallio

Playstack Finland / General Manager

Juha Huhtakallio is General Manager, Game publisher and Funder at Playstack Finland, with a long track of experience in the industry.

What are you expecting from Bit1 teams?
I was originally starting this for one simple reason. Helping the teams to get opportunities for publishing and funding, linking and visibility and employment. I expect to find the next “Rovio” from one of the Bit1’s.




Antti Ikäläinen

Traplight / Operations Manager

Antti Ikäläinen is Operations Manager at Traplight. He started his career in the industry as a QA tester for EA just by accident.

What are you expecting from Bit1 teams?
Well polished, fun to play game products with a solid eye for scope – in games, quality comes from understanding what your team can achieve in a set period of time.




Teemu Närhi

Fingersoft / CEO

Teemu Närhi is the CEO of Fingersoft. He started out programming games as a hobby and entered the industry officially in 2009 to form a games studio, and soon after that joined Fingersoft as an iOS developer.

What are you expecting from Bit1 teams?

I just returned from judging a similar competition held in Japan. The quality of entries was quite high and the best teams were able to squeeze numerous novel ideas into polished and intuitive packages. I would love to see something like that here as well, hopefully with a bit more of a business angle on the side.