Meet & Match Coffees

Are you searching for a team to join? Is your team short a few members?

Or maybe you’re looking to meet some new talent at the event?

Simply add a couple of stickers to your Bit1 Pass and let other people know! You can choose your colors at the front desk.

The search is on for the whole event day. If you find someone you’d want to talk privately with, you can get your free Meet&Match coffee pass and have a chat at Ravintola Lämpö across the yard.

The amount of coffee passes is limited!



Color codes

Only add stickers to your pass if you are participating in the search.

My job is…

  • Red = Design
  • Blue = Programming
  • Orange = Artist
  • Green = Producing, business, marketing
  • Yellow = Sound design / composing

I’m looking for…

  • White = Looking for members/talent
  • Black = Looking for a team/job

Open Day
Location: Date: 17.5.2018 Time: 10:00 - 17:00