Bit1 is a competition and networking event. On this site you will find all information on the main event, Bit1, but also updates on the competition for the Bit1 Game Award.

What competition? We’re searching for the best game by a student dev team. We’ve started gathering the teams, who will face judges and audiences at the preliminaries in April. Winners of the regional competitions in Helsinki, Oulu, Turku and Tampere will be the ones competing at Bit1 in May.

And the event? It’s not only for the competing teams. Showcasing their work is a big part of it, but we’ll also have speeches and networking opportunities. Bit1 wants to encourage students to network with pros, and show the pros what our game students can do. Meanwhile it will also be a brilliant opportunity for students from different parts of Finland to find the missing piece to their team, and maybe form relationships that’ll carry through into professional life.

Interested to know more? We’ll keep updating frequently, so check in with us again. If you’re already interested in attending, check out How to attend!

– Veera Schneider
Event producer for Bit1


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