Bit1 Final

17.5.2022 10:00 – 17:15 @Tiivistämö, Helsinki

Join us live on-site through Eventbrite or follow our stream at Twitch

Bit1 Competition

From preliminaries

We at Bit1 are searching for the best Finnish game made by a dev team of students.

During spring, multidisciplinary teams consisting students, alumni and other young game developers are invited to join the competition. First the teams compete in the local events PreBits, held in three cities this year. Three teams from each PreBit will continue to the final. Teams can also attend remotely, in case of long-distance to preliminary cities.

Remote participation in PreBits negotiable, please contact

To the Bit1 final

These nine teams chosen at the preliminaries to continue to the national final, the Bit1, will receive mentoring from pros to develop their game before the final. Bit1 final will be held in May 17th.

The winners will be selected by the top professionals of the game industry. The teams will also be able to meet business representatives and present their skills for a job or internship. Competing teams receive feedback on their games from the jury.

Application process

Please first read the competition rules to make sure your team is eligible. Then sign up your team here or from the button above. Application form is open until 10.4

To submit your application you need following material:

Here you find Game Design Canvas pdf, that contains guide for how to fill it. You can edit game canvas right there and then save your edited version of that pdf on your computer. Then add it to your application.

Video of your core loop should be 1 minute long and locate somewhere where we can download it. Leave link to that in the application form. This can be updated to newer version by contacting organizers, deadline for the final version is 10.4.

The games approved to compete can be on any platform, either single or multiplayer. We can guarantee equipment for PC games on the spot, but unfortunately not for mobile and VR-games. Teams can bring their own equipment for these types of games.

There is a bit of time to develop the game further between PreBit and the Bit1 final. It is not expected to have everything looking polished when you apply, but the core loop has to be playable. The focus is on the game concept, design ideas and plans.

If there are more entries than we expected, we might be forced to limit the number of competitors in PreBits.



The three winning teams of Bit1 will receive prizes.