Bit1 Game Award

We’re searching for the best Finnish game by a dev team of students.



In spring, multidisciplinary teams consisting of students, alumni and other young game developers are invited to apply in the competition. The teams compete first in local events, PreBits, in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

Anyone wishing to enter through these preliminaries is welcome to apply, if they qualify by the competition rules.


The finale

Teams chosen in the preliminaries continue to the national event, Bit1, which is held in May in chancing location.

The winner will be selected by top professionals of the game industry. The teams will also be able to meet business representatives and present their skills for a job or internship. Competing teams receive feedback on their games from the jury.



Also this year the three winning teams of Bit1 will receive a stipend to participate in Finnish Game Day and White Nights conference in St. Petersburg 18.-20.6! Last year the participants described it ”the best thing that has happened to me for a long time”, and the benefit of ”new contacts” were often mentioned.

The winning team also gets to meet publisher PlayStack in more detail 14.5 in Helsinki! Their CEO and COO from London will be present. The winning game can be posted to PlayStack’s publishing pipeline for evaluation.

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