Bit1 finalists of 2021

The PreBits for 2021 are now wrapped up! Thank you for taking part and showing interest in our competition!

Huge thanks to all teams that participated. You are filled with amazing game ideas and you have so much potential and talent! And thank you to the wonderful judges that are also mentoring the finalist teams for the Bit1 finals. 

Speaking of which, we’re proud to announce the teams that will be carrying on to the Bit1 finals. The diversity of the teams is delightful; they represent several schools and corners of Finland. And here they are: 

Helsinki PreBit finalists:

  • Team Purrchasers from Aalto University – Purrchasers
  • Team Marmortal from Aalto University – Marmortal
  • Team Super Critical Finger from Kajaani UAS – Eggspress Delivery

Turku PreBit finalists:

  • SNAGARI Team from TUAS – SNAGARI: Regreased
  • Team Uneton from Oulu Game Lab – Vikings: Heroes of Asgard
  • Team Avara from XAMK – Listen

Tampere PreBit finalists:

  • Team 2KYMPPI from Ahlman – Mount Serenity: Guardian of the Spirits
  • Team Script Deprived from Kajaani UAS – DreamScript
  • Team Tapiotar from Tampere University – Kalma

Teams are also presented on the Finalists-page, team pictures and game video links are coming in the near future.

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