Registration for Bit1 has been extended until 10.4.!

The Bit1 team has received requests for extending the registration time. Since Bit1 is for you, the students, we want to make everything we can to ensure your experience is smooth as possible. So we’re glad to inform you that with a little reorganizing and scheduling, we managed to extend the registration for the Bit1 for another week and a half! Submit your entries by 10.4. to partake in the Bit1 competition.

We hope that this message reaches also those game dev teams that have considered participating, but haven’t done it because of scheduling challenges. Hope that this extension offers a chance for reconsideration! Also, if you’re seeing this for the first time and you’re interested in participating, now is your last chance to submit your entry!

Why participate? Bit1 2022 is bigger and better than ever! We offer a platform for gaining experience and networks with game industry top professionals. And of course, there are prizes to be won! We just can’t reveal them yet, so stay tuned!

Apply with a game project. It can be a new project or old – the only rule is that you haven’t competed in the Bit1 with the same project before. The games that compete aren’t expected to be finished or polished – as long as the core loop is playable, it’s good with us! The main emphasis in the competition is its commercial potential, so the idea is what matters.

The Bit1 journey begins with the PreBit preliminaries which are held on 20.-22.4. in Tampere, Helsinki and Turku. Online participation is also possible! You can choose it at our registration form and we will be in touch with you about the details. Top teams from the PreBits proceed to the Bit1 final which is held in May.

If this sparked your interest, remember to check the competition rules and requirements. Happy applying and see you at the PreBits!

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