Team Greetings - Advice on Bit1 competition participation and on game development in general.

Team greetings on Bit1 and game development

Hello everybody and happy second Bunny Day! As PreBits get closer, you may have noticed team greetings on our other social medias. In this article we will compile all of them for you to check them out if you haven’t already! It’s always nice to hear earlier participants’ advice on the competition and about game development in general.

Team Period of Play were participants in the first ever Bit1 competition in 2018. They won third place with their game Dante’s Infernya. Besides this piece of advice, the team also recommends taking full advantage of LinkedIn. They suggest creating a profile before the competition, so during the events you can connect with people easily.

Visit Period of Play’s page to download Dante’s Infernya, available on Windows and Mac. And give them a follow to stay on top of their updates. We truly love to see our participants thrive and put out new games!

Team DEEP was Bit1 2020’s finalist. Their game DEEP is a gorgeous meditative VR adventure in the ocean.

We don’t expect finished games to enter the competition, DEEP’s advice is about the big picture. They remind you to think about the commercial aspects, too. The game’s commercial potential is the main emphasis in the evaluation during the competition, so get ready to spit some facts during your pitch!

Remember that the jury will playtest your games at the Bit1 final. So when you’re preparing your pitches, focus on aspects that aren’t highlighted or a part of the gameplay experience.

Team Uneton was a Bit1 2021 finalist. Their game Vikings: Heroes of Asgard is an addictive tactical mobile RPG game.

Apply this mentality for your whole game dev career – have fun and highlight the uniqueness of your game! Creating your game with joy and passion elevates team spirit, communication and creativity.

Team Uneton has obviously lived by their advice – Vikings: Heroes of Asgard is so much fun! We promise you, it’s going to be hard to put your phone down after downloading this game. Available now at Google Play or on Android and coming soon on iOS. Yet again, we’re so hyped for our alumni’s success and can’t wait to see their future projects.

Team DEEP was kind enough to share a second piece of advice with us!

Many crucial parts of teamwork and game development are highlighted here, but we would like to emphasize the importance of game testing outside of the competition, too. You know your game inside-out and love it – but can others see what you see during playtesting? Don’t take anything for granted and really focus on the nuances when somebody (who isn’t a part of your team) tries out your game! You can learn something extremely valuable.

PlusMinus was a Bit1 2019 finalist. Their game Plusminus is an action adventure game centered around magnetism and solving puzzles. Check out their website at and download the demo for yourself, we really recommend trying it out!

Team PlusMinus encourages you to experiment and be creative with your game development journey. Apply this mentality to any part of your life and you’re golden! It surely makes working easier when you love what you do, believe us!

With these warm and kind words we’d like to wish you a happy and relaxing holiday. A huge thanks to these teams for sharing their experience with us, hopefully you learnt something new and exciting. See you soon at the PreBits!

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