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The winning teams of Bit1 2020

The winning teams of Bit1 2020 were announced by the jury Juha Huhtakallio (Playstack Finland), Sonja Ängeslevä (Zynga), Teemu Närhi (Fingersoft) and Timur Haussila (Supercell).

The winner – Team Improx Games with The Last Cube. Jury’s choice was based on

  • high production quality
  • innovation
  • commercial potential
  • working, good tutorial
  • delivers complete gaming experience
  • target audience defined and studied
  • good focus on product marketing-wise
  • variation provided within levels.

The second place – Team myTrueSound with Kilta. Jury thought the game uses proven-to-work concept, complete game experience, UI/UX works, has commercial potential, and held a good pitch which delivered vision.

The third place –  Team VUMPUS with 3rd Law of Potion.  Jury liked the nice visualisations aiming for commercial approach, easy to pick-up, focused on the core & focused production and kept the end users on mind.

Find all the competing teams from Finalists-page.


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