Competition rules

For participants


Who can participate

  • More than half of the team members must be present students from the secondary or upper secondary degree, and/or participants in Pelifarmi-project.
  • The competition is part of a project funded by Häme ELY-Centre, and it includes the Six City Strategy -cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu, Turku). Therefore at least two of the three teams that are selected to the national competition must come from these cities.


Approved games

  • Entertainment games: Completed game or playable demo
  • Original ideas of the team, and projects whose IP rights belong to the team
  • All digital platforms
  • No games that involve gambling are allowed



  • Best game, jury’s choice, three places
  • Audience choice award


Judging criteria


Main emphasis: Commercial potential


  • Business model
  • User experience
  • Wholeness
  • Attractiveness
  • Technical quality
  • Novelty value / uniqueness
  • Suitability for the target group