Previous entries From Bit1

This page contains some of old Bit1 entries from since 2018 when the competition started. Note that many of these games have been enhanced during their time in Bit1 and after it. Some of the games can be downloaded from Steam or so remember to check the links below!

Gameplay screenshot of game MoleMania by TiccuUcco


Babylocraft, They Are You 👑

Bittiapollon, Hohkamaa VR

Cosmo, Exomoon

Creepy Cacti, Project: X Corp

Team DaTaVi, Project Godspeed 👑

Dynamic Duo, Space Groove

Frogsoup, Starless

Gäng Gäng Studios, MewMew – PewPew

Ite Tein Ja Säästin, Silo

JST, Crimson Craze

Kylmä Kahvi Games, Human Ruins

Team LCG, Project LCG

LusoCreations, Synapse

Neun Chickens, Arts of Sorcery

Normogames, The Riflemen 👑

Pillow of Darkness, OWLS

Pisark, Firefly Knights

R1bit Games, Toad Boat (LGIN)

Rad Team, Itse

Remnant Studio, Cosmic Purge

Remote Games, Roskis: A Boozy Beginning

Team Rolo, Shadow Puppy Shenanigans

Team Small, Lucy’s Dream 👑

TiccuUcco, MoleMania

Titaneers, Titaneers 

Vigilanteam, Cat Vigilante

VR Studio, XR Mockup


Team Avara, Listen 👑

Team 2kymppi/CEON Arts, Mount Serenity: Guardian of the Spirits

Dingas Tongas, PLESCAPE

Eero Höök, Ninja Cat Tower Challenge

Helicopter Bowling Team, Helicopter Bowling Championship

Loose Goose Games, Kick Office

Team Marmortal, Marmortal 👑

NoSleep Crew, Roihu

Team Purrchasers, Purrchasers

Team Script Deprived, DreamScript 👑

Team Snagari, SNAGARI: Regreased

Super Critical Finger, Eggspress Delivery

Tapiotar, Kalma

Team Tuonela, Gods Strife: Tuonela

Team Uneton, Vikings: Heroes of Asgard

Team Wizcacha, Wizcacha

Team WLU, Words Left Unsaid

Team XS, Appetite for Detestation

Title illustration of game Listen by team Avara
Gameplay screenshot of game PLESCAPE by Dingas Dongas
Gameplay screenshot of game Ninja Cat Tower Challenge by Eero Höök
Gameplay screenshot of game Helicopter Bowling Championship by Helicopter Bowling Team
Gameplay screenshot of game Kick Office by team Loose Goose Games
Illustration of game Marmortal by Team Marmortal
Gameplay screenshot of game Roihu by team NoSleep Crew
Illustration of game Purrchasers by team Purrchasers
Gameplay screenshot of game DreamScript by team Script Deprived
Gameplay screenshot of game SNAGARI: Regreased by team Snagari
Illustration of game Eggspress Delivery by Super Critical Finger
Illustration of game Kalma by Tapiotar
Gameplay screenshot of game God's Strife: Tuonela by Team Tuonela
Screenshot of trailer of game Vikings: Heroes of Asgard by team Uneton
Gameplay screenshot of game Wizcacha by team Wizcacha
Gameplay screenshot of game Words Left Unsaid by team WLU
Gameplay screenshot of game Appetite for Detestation by Team XS
Gameplay screenshot of game Shape-O-Factory by Team XS
Gameplay screenshot of game The Last Cube by Improx Games
Gameplay screenshot of game Slip Slap 'n' Quack by Gud Games
Gameplay screenshot of game Kilta by My True Sound
Gameplay screenshot of game Elliot and the Musical Journey by Orchidstra Entertainment
Gameplay screenshot of game Smashing Pixel Dudes by Pixel-a-Team


Bullslap Entertainment, Break-fast Derby

Charmion Studios, Miami Ice

Cosmos Entertainment, Confined Space

Team Deep, DEEP

DSR, Dreamstate Racing

Epic Builder Games, Shape-O-Factory

Team Grim, Grim

Gud Games, Slip, Slap ‘n’ Quack

👑 Improx Games, The Last Cube

Lusitano Creations, Sleep Well

👑 My True Sound, Kilta

Nappula Games, Sword of Dog

Orchidstra Entertainment, Elliot and the Musical Journey

Parasite Productions, Toxoplasma

Pixel-a-Team, Smashing Pixel Dudes

Tolohakka, Hoggin’ Wheel

Top Floor Games, Don’t Stop

👑 Team VUMPUS, 3rd Law of Potion


Team Drio, Drio

Team Erden, Erden 👑

Team Evil Match, Tethernauts

Karva Games, O.R.B. Offensive Rolling Bot

Lost Hoodie, Shred N Slam

Philip Lindberg, Subject 1131

Play Possum, Dead Fungoria

Team Plusminus, Plusminus

Team Sockman, Sockventure 👑

Tsuit Tsait Games, Runaway Bacon

Team Vainary, Anxiety of Alina

Wheel, Snipe and Celly, Puck Buddies 👑

Gameplay screenshot of game Sockman by team Sockman
Gameplay screenshot of game Puck Buddies by Wheel, Snipe and Celly
Illustration of game Dead Fungoria by Play Possum
Gameplay screenshot of game O.R.B. Offensive Rolling Bot by Karva Games
Gameplay screenshot of game Tethernauts by team Evil Match
Screenshot of trailer of game Anxiety of Alina by team Vainary
Gameplay screenshot of game Plusminus by team Plusminus
Gameplay screenshot of game Runaway Bacon by Tsuit Tsait Games
Gameplay screenshot of game Space Hen Hassle by team Colbanum
Gameplay screenshot of game Dante's Infernya by team Period of Play
Illustration of game Guns of Wreckage by team Wreckage
Gameplay screenshot of game Trail of Relics by Lunar Byte


👑 Team Bob, Bob Belongs to Heaven

👑 Team Colbanum, Space Hen Hassle

Team Death by Overwork, Ninja – not a Samurai

Lunar Byte, Trail of Relics

👑 Team Period of Play, Dante’s Infernya

Team Wreckage, Guns of Wreckage

Due to Bit1 transferring to Helsinki Games Capital in 2022, there may be data that has stayed with previous organisers. We would love to complete the list of participants. If you don’t see your team on this page, please contact us at

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