PreBit Tampere winners confirmed!

PreBit Tampere was held last Thursday, 26.4. and we can now present our next batch of finalists.


Taneli Lyytikäinen (Bon Games), Niko Mäkelä (Traplight Games), Sami Kojo (Random Potion) and Gareth Noyce (TripleEh?) gave overall credit to the level of technical execution of the demos. The winners stood out with their unique approaches and by having developed their demos very far.


Team Colbanum´s Space Hen Hassle got praise for a simple, thought out and unique approach. The team had a clear clear idea what the audience of party games is looking for, and there was work done in regards of business opportunities and monetisation. The game was simple, fun and approachable, and the demo was well executed.


Team Period of Play´s Dante’s Infernya also stood out with a unique touch and excellent concept, which the jury felt had material for virality. A simple, nice and fun execution, which was nearly ready to be launched. The concept also fits the price range and meets the demands of the games target audience.


Team Bob´s Bob Belongs to Heaven stood out for its thought out execution of mechanics and metagame. It was praised as a unique concept in a genre where nearly everything has been done. Physics, graphics and the simple gameplay all supported an entertaining experience with real potential.


Congratulations to all winners! See you at Bit1!


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