How to apply

Bit1? PreBits?

It’s time to search for the best Finnish student game in the national game competition Bit1. The preliminaries, PreBits, are held in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Turku. Application period is between 1.2.-20.3.2019.  This year the winning team will be selected at Bit1 in Tampere, on 7-8th May by a jury of top professionals. All teams will receive feedback for their games from the juries in both PreBits and finals.

I want to apply

Please check if you are eligible to apply. Read the Competition Rules here.

In 2019 the local organizations will choose 12 teams to compete at each PreBit event. Choices will be made based on the following material submitted for the entry by each team:

  • Game design canvas
  • 1 min video of game core loop
  • Answers given to questions of the preliminary assignment

Your game can be on any platform, and it can be either single or multiplayer.

Please note that you have time to develop your game further both between the sign up and PreBit, and then before Bit1. We do not expect you to have everything looking polished when you apply, but the core loop must be playable. What counts a lot are your game concept, design ideas and plans.

PreBit format

  • Jury of four game industry pros
  • 3min pitching
  • 2min Q&A
  • 5min playtesting on each game for each judge.

From each PreBit the best 3 teams will be chosen to compete at the finals.

Dates, times and locations

Links to materials

  • Application form (application to PreBits is closed)

Attach the following material in the requested format on your application

  • Game design canvas: 
  • Core loop video:
    • Attach link to the application form
    • Format preferably mp4


Also this year the three winning teams of Bit1 will receive a stipend to participate in Finnish Game Day and White Nights conference in St. Petersburg 18.-20.6! Last year the participants described it ”the best thing that has happened to me for a long time”, and the benefit of ”new contacts” were often mentioned.

The winning team also gets to meet publisher PlayStack in more detail 14.5 in Helsinki! Their CEO and COO from London will be present. The winning game can be posted to PlayStack’s publishing pipeline for evaluation.

White nights website
Finnish game day website