Going to work in the game industry? – You really should apply for the best Student Game Competition Bit1 – NOW!

“Anyone who is looking to work in the game industry should participate since it’ll give you so much experience and will teach you how people’s perception of your game can be a lot different than you thought. Even if you don’t get to finals you’ll still get a lot of experience and feedback which only make you stronger the next time you participate in something similar”, says Bit1-finalist Jermu Stoor from Metropolia UAS.

Possible results of the participation:
– improvements of your game,
– a job,
– new contacts,
– excellent monetization plan,
– better new you!

Application submission deadline has been extended to Monday 25.3.2019!

To enter the Bit1 competition (7.-8.5.2019), take part in PreBit preliminaries in Helsinki, Tampere,
Turku or Oulu. Who do you need to impress? Check your local jury from this website (under “How to apply”), where it will be announced shortly.

  • PreBit Turku: 10.4.
  • PreBit Helsinki: 11.4.
  • PreBit Tampere: 12.4.
  • PreBit Oulu: 25.4.

Are you eligible to apply?  https://www.bit1.fi/rules/
How to apply?  https://www.bit1.fi/apply/
Bit1 judges? https://www.bit1.fi/competition/the-jury/

Read more about the experiences from last year and what Bit1 Jury 2019 is expecting


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